4 Can or must the matrimonial property regime be registered?

The property regime has to be registered.

4.1. Do one or more matrimonial property registers exist in your country? Where?

There is a central electronic register at the Registry Agency (Art. 19 FC).

4.2. Which documents are registered? Which information is registered?

Marriage contracts and the applicable matrimonial property regime have to be registered.

4.3. How and by whom can the information in the register be accessed?

The register is public. For references and certificates from the registry there are fees charged according to a tariff adopted by the Council of Ministers (Art. 19 para. 4 FC).

4.4. What are the legal effects of registration (validity, opposability)?

In relation to third parties the statutory regime of community of property shall apply if no other regime has been registered (Art. 20 FC).