9 Which is the competent authority to turn to in cases of disputes and other legal issues?

It is generally accepted that at international level, the competent court is determined according to the same regulations as those which define territorial jurisdiction in national law. Depending on the circumstances, other factors may also come into play, such as those conferring jurisdiction, place of residence (place of principal establishment), nationality, location of property, etc.).

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a divorce or judicial separation ruling generally also orders the liquidation and distribution of the community property, and appoints a notary to handle this.

In principle, jurisdiction in terms of matrimonial property regimes is independent of the location of the immovable property. As a result, the Luxembourg courts may also order the sale by auction of property located abroad.

If the notary appointed is unable to reconcile the parties, he/she will draw up a report detailing the parties' respective claims and refer them to the court.