4 Can or must the matrimonial property regime be registered?

A marriage contract is to be registered by the notary not later than 15 days after the date of conclusion of the contract.

4.1. Do one or more matrimonial property registers exist in your country? Where?

Only one register exists. It is the Public Register administered by the Ministry of Justice.

4.2. Which documents are registered? Which information is registered?

The following information has to be registered: the fact that a marriage contract has been entered into; the date of the deed; the details of the contracting parties; and the type of matrimonial property regime chosen by the parties to regulate their property relations.

4.3. How and by whom can the information in the register be accessed?

The information in the Public Register can be accessed by any person who requests information. A simple request in writing is made at the Registry and an official reply is received within 10 days of the request. Notaries can access the Register online and obtain an immediate reply.

4.4. What are the legal effects of registration (validity, opposability)?

The main effect is that third parties (especially creditors) are presumed to know of the existence of the marriage contract.