4 Can or must the matrimonial property regime be registered?

The agreement on the arrangement of their property and legal relations is entered into the register of agreements on the arrangement of property and legal relations which is a computer-managed collection of information run by the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia.

4.5. Can a matrimonial contract concluded in a foreign state according to foreign law be registered in your country? If yes, under which conditions or formalities?

[This information is valuable in respect of third parties, see art. 28 of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/1103 of 24 June 2016. When a matrimonial contract is registered in your country it can be invoked against third parties. An interconnection of matrimonial property registers in Europe is not existing and therefor the registration of the matrimonial contract must be undertaken in all countries separately, where the spouses have property or conclude contracts. Only then the spouses can invoke their matrimonial contract against third parties in that country.]

The Family Code does not explicitly provide the possibility of entering a matrimonial contract (contract on the regulation of property relations) concluded in a foreign state according to foreign law contract in the register of contracts on the regulation of property relations.

Nevertheless, according to the majority position, registration would be possible if the spouses would submitted to the notary in Slovenia a formal copy of the notarial deed, certified by the notary who drew up the document and translated in into Slovene by a court interpreter.